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Important: You may prefer my my resumé Website, my Gitlab account or my Github account for quick and up-to-date information.

N.B.: The current Website contains detailed information but nothing about my new experiences, abilities or projects since 2014.

This is a brief summary of my abilities:
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Artificial intelligence
multi-agents systems, neuronal networks, algorithms of problem resolution, planning
Methods of analysis and design
Merise, UML, design and architectural patterns
programming concepts
heritage, overload, polymorphism, signals, thread, socket, client/server, library, pattern matching, regular expression, extended regular expression
Known languages
Python, Java, C++, Eiffel, C, BASIC, Visual Basic, GNU/Bash, Prolog, Motorola 68000 (bases), PHP, javascript, Web standards of W3C (XHTML, CSS), XML, family of AL (bases), PROLOG, Clips
Database concepts
relational, objects, distributed
Known Administrative Database systems
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQLite
Known Operating systems
GNU/Linux, Unix, Solaris, MacOS, Windows
Management system
Git, Subversion, CVS, RCS, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Mediawiki, Libresource (bases), GitHub, Sourceforge, Codendi, CodeX, , Zope (bases)
Objects Sharing (shared, distributed ...)
JSON, SOAP, RMI, CORBA (bases), middleware
Software documentation
Doxygen, javadoc, javaHelp, formats : ODT, ODS, ODP, PDF, SXW, SXI, DOC, CHM
OSI and TCP/IP models, TCP/IP networks
Quality Management System: standard ISO9000:2000
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