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Data compressor using the Huffman algorithms
Data compression
Training period for research's works initiation, in school period
January 2003   -   March 2003
source code

I performed this utility in the beginning of the year 2003, during a training period of research initiation.

    The objective was to confront it to other data compressors and to select the more interesting for the project which was "quick data compression for transfer through a network". Eventually, the performances of the Huffman algorithm were less interesting than some other compression algorithms tested, as zip for instance.

    Nevertheless, this utility remains interesting for people wishing to study or analyse the Huffman algorithms (the utility provides some commands possibilities which allow obtaining some information about the compression).
There are two algorithms implemented in the utility:
   - The most famous works with the character's occurrences ;
   - A simple algorithm compresses more specifically the '\0' sequence (very useful for the RAM information compression which have often a lot of such sequence).
The first algorithm is used by default; the other can be actived by a command line.

The application can be launched without parameter to obtain command line information.
All the outputs of the utility are in French.

The zip contains:
   - the source code of the whole utility ;
   - a Makefile (create the the executable file) ;
   - two csh scripts allowing the use of the utility in a directory (recursively).

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