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Forum RPG
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Realization of a Forum rich in functionalities
Mayo 2002   -   March 2004
javascript, HTML, PHP, SQL

Initially, I designed this forum to bring an interactive 'plateforme' to the users of Renommeur. It can be interesting to consult it prior to this information.

   With time, many users registered and contributed to the Forum. Gradually, beyond the discussions concerning the application, the subjects went on about animations. Thus new sections were added to it.

   Having the will to bring new original functionalities to the Forum, and to answer to the users' participation, I launched the concept of Forum-RPG (understand the concept as a role playing game embedded to the Forum itself).
Vis-a-vis of the interest, new functionalities were developed such as:
   - creating characters having a class, a number of attributes (force, dexterity, intelligence...), and characteristics (name, statute, resistance, life...),
   - buying and selling objects with the merchant,
   - exchanging objects or currency with other characters,
   - managing the current character's equipment,
   - managing the character's evolution (weapons' system and/or magic's school system),
   - defying another character in an opened combat (in which other characters can intervene under some conditions), or closed combat,
   - defying a creature or character in order to gain his statute, and thus to reach a hierarchically higher one within the kingdom,
   - receiving health from the temple,
   - designing new objects of any function in order to propose them within the kingdom. If validated they can be purchased from the merchant,
   - obtaining lots information about the kingdom, into the tavern,
   - visualizing the kingdom's map, evolving with the scenarios played in the Forum.
   - and others...

   Unfortunately, during its apogee, the project encountered severe problems with the Website hoster (pure and simple account's suppression) estimating that the generated traffic (indeed very significant) harmed their general services. In addition to a considerable information's loss (the set up backup system no done on dayly basis yet) , the Forum-RPG will remained offline until it can be hosted with a quality service.
This nuisance, and the significant reduction in my spare time gradually led to the end of the Forum's life.

The Forum-RPG having reached a stable and satisfactory state on the onset of those very annoying events, its conceptual evolution is no longer topical.

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