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Anims Renaming ++
Application (DataBase, client/server, multi-thread, cross-platform, multi-language)
Realization of an application in Open source during my spare-time
November 2003   -   August 2005
Official Site  -  Development's site  -  source code

This project is, in some kinds, a continuity of the 'Renommeur' whose it is advised to consult priorly information.

   Following the adoption and evolution of the first application the 'Renommeur', I decided to launch this project of a greater scale, in Open source, at the end of 2003. On the one hand, in order to allow the interested people to take part more directly in its evolution, and on the other hand, to also invest less all my spare time in this project. It is only in the mid of 2004, when I had more free time that I made the best of it to set up the Source Forge site.
A while after the creation of the "application's bone", I was no longer available to pursue my project and the latter remained suspended.
Vis-a-vis of the interest caused by the first version, the philosophy of this new generation is to adapt to the interested people, regardless of nationality, operating system used, and geographical situation. To this end, I've decided to use wxWindows (later wxWidgets), to produce a cross-platform source code. With regard to the multi-language's part, the set up solution uses a XML files' system (one for each managed language).
The whole of this information is on the Official Site you can visit if you feel interested.

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