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Important: You may prefer my my resumé Website, my Gitlab account or my Github account for quick and up-to-date information.

N.B.: The current Website contains detailed information but nothing about my new experiences, abilities or projects since 2014.

2011 2012 2013
Active Circle
Bsquare Consulting

2005 2006 2007
Active Circle

2003 2004 2005
SCPLS Project
XiMed SA

  Software Engineer and IT consultant at Bsquare Consulting.
July 2012 ⇒ Today

      Bsquare Consulting, IT consulting company, focusing on Software, Web Service and Web technologies.
Specialized in secure remote access (technologies: SSH, NX, RDP) to our customers' systems, providing high responsiveness and reduced cost.

Let me know what your needs are: e-mail me.

Environment: java (jdk 6, jdk 7, jre 6, jre 7), Apache (Ant, Commons, Struts 2, Axis 2), HTML, CSS 3, PHP, javascript, AJAX, C, C++, XML, Java Server Pages, Java Servlet, Tomcat, JSON, SOAP, jQuery, Eclipse SDK, git, Sourceforge, CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal), Open Office (Writer, Impress), GNU/Linux (Fedora 15 to 17, Ubuntu 11.04 to 12.10 LTS), Microsoft Windows (XP, Seven)

  Software engineer used within the Research and Development team of the Active Circle company, for which I'm working.
January 2006 ⇒ March 2012   (Six years Three months)

      Active Circle is a software solution for storing, preserving and accessing large volumes of files. Active Circle solutions are software-based, able to leverage any storage technology or vendor, provide storage virtualization on disk and tape, and scale from small to multi-petabyte environments.

In charge of the data archiving functionality in TAR format on magnetic tapes. This included an import feature from magnetic tapes (for migrating data from other systems), with support for different TAR formats, in a highly distributed and multi-threaded application.

I created an API that allows customers to integrate Active Circle with their products. I created a rich command system based on this API to provide functionality that can be easily automated and post-processed. I implemented various tools for optimization and analysis as well as for improving the productivity of all teams.

In charge of source code, product distribution and interoperability (GNU/Linux, Solaris, MacOS, MS Windows).

See Official Site.

Environment: java (jdk1.4.2, jdk 5, jdk 6, jre 5, jre 6), Apache (Ant, Commons, SVN), C, XML, UML Methodology, Eclipse SDK, CVS, Sourceforge, CodeX, Mac OS 10.0 to 10.7, Open Office (Writer, Impress), GNU/Linux (Fedora Core 4 to Fedora 15, Mandrake 10.0, Mandriva 2007 to 2010.0, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS to 11.04), Solaris SunOS 10, Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, Seven)

  End-studies' project in The French Space Agency.
April 2005 ⇒ September 2005   (Six months)

      Participated within a working group of 26 members, including 18 experts. In accordance to the team's output, I designed and developed a software platform for the design of the launchers of the future, whose principal objectives still are today:
   - to be able to model and simulate advanced concepts,
   - to perennialize these concepts,
   - to automate the computing processes,
   - to create a tool in teaching matter,
   - with a single environment,
   - as open/free as possible.

Environment: java (jdk1.4.2, jre1.4.2, jre 5), Apache (Ant, Commons, Math, Lang, Log4j), XML, UML Methodology, SADT Diagrams, Eclipse SDK, CVS, Open Office (Writer, Impress), GNU/Linux (Fedora Core 2, Fedora Core 3, Mandrake 10.0), Microsoft Windows 2000

  Project of software engineering developed for XiMed SA.
November 2004 ⇒ February 2005   (Four months)

   Was in charge of the infrastructure team.
Together we developed and maintained the application of medical imagery allowing the fast collecting and advanced handling videos' acquisitions, adapted for medical equipment of Scanner type, IRM, Radio, Ecography ...

Environment: java (jdk1.4.2, jre1.4.2), Apache (Ant, Commons, Math, Lang, Log4j), UML Methodology, Eclipse SDK, CVS, Open Office (Writer, Impress), GNU/Linux Mandrake 10.0, Microsoft Windows 2000

  Training period at Optomik.
July 2004 ⇒ August 2004   (Two months)

   Designed and developed the first version of their Web site.
Conceptual outline of the future application allowing the management of the Optomik microphones via USB.

Environment: HTML, PHP, javascript, UML Methodology, Ultra Edit, GNU/Linux Fedora Core 1, Microsoft Windows XP

  Training period at the Loria into the MAIA team where I worked on the
"Parameters adaptation into reactive multi-agents systems: application in mobile robotics".

February 2004 ⇒ June 2004   (Five months)

   Researched on issues of the parameters' adaptation in a multi-agents system.
Formalization, art's state, study of various optimization meta-heuristic, modeling, theoretical implementation of solutions and creation of a computer science's tool. Application to robotics.

Environment: java (jdk1.2, jdk1.3), Madkit, artificial intelligence, meta-heuristic, optimization methods, multi-agents systems, UML Methodology, TCP/IP model, Microsoft Office Word, GNU/Linux Mandrake 9.0, Microsoft Windows XP

  Training period at the Loria into the MAIA team where I worked on the SCPLS Project.
July 2003 ⇒ September 2003   (Three months)

   Research works regarding the movement's planning of « cars ». Interest being the reduction to the minimum time (and potentially down to zero) and the steering at the curve point of a circular/elliptic trajectory.
SCPLS library (Sub-optimal Continuous-curvature Planning Library Set) evolution/creation from its C++ version to a new one in Java with aims to share it (including Java applets).

Environment: java jdk1.3, C++, wxWindows, UML Methodology, Sun Java Studio Community Edition, Borland C++, Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Windows XP

  Seasonal work at the General Public Revenu Office in Nancy.
August 2000   (One month)

   Various documents' classification, letters' management.


  Seasonal work at the General Public Revenu Office in Nancy.
July 1999   (One month)

   Various documents' classification, letters' management.


  Seasonal work at Serica.
August 1997   (One month)

   Handling, shaping, printing, scouring, posters' classification.


  Seasonal work at Serica.
August 1996   (One month)

   Handling, shaping, printing, scouring, posters' classification.


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