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Welcome page and Sitemap
  Who am I ?

  Explains who I am

  Contains a description of my main abilities
All my Cursus
   Personal Cursus (self-taught)

   Describes briefly my personal cursus selft-taught
   School Cursus

   Describes briefly my school cursus
   Professional Cursus

   Describes briefly my professional cursus
My research works, application developement and Web design information
  Histogram of my works

  Contains an histogram of all the works presented in these pages
  Bsquare Consulting

  My IT consulting company
  CEKSHA (Blog)

  My blog: Computer science Experience Knowledge SHAring
Contains some information about my applications
   Hemera - Intelligent System

   Information about this applications
   HADES - Help for Advanced DESign

   Information about this applications
   Parameters Tuning Unity

   Information about this applications

   Information about this applications
   Anims renaming

   Information about this applications
   Forgotten Wild War

   Information about this game
Web design
Contains some information about my Web's conception/design

   Information about this Web design
   Renommeur de Japanim's Web site

   Information about this Web design
   Anims renaming Web site

   Information about this Web design
Contains some information about the research's works I have done
   Parameters adaptation into reactive multi-agents systems: application in mobile robotic

   Information about this research works
   Work on a Sub-optimal Continuous-curvature Planning Library Set

   Information about this research works
   Data compressor using the Huffman algorithm

   Information about this research works
Various information and contacts information

  Links to my Blog
  Version of the site

  Brief history of the site
How to contact me and some others contacts
   How to contact me

   Contains information to contact me
   Other contacts

   Contains several others contact's information
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